Thursday Throw Down: Which critter is the better soccer player? Spider, fish, goats or camels?

Youtube football channel Hai Style, which is all about …you guessed it, football, has a great video which we can’t stop watching.

It’s all footage about which critter is the best football player. Wednesday’s Zen Moment was all about bees playing soccer. Throw Down Thursday pits different critters into the soccer arena to determine who’s the best best soccer player.

In the first match, monkeys take the field, next a terrier takes a shot.

We go underwater for the next contestant with a goldfish trying to score a goal. It’s followed by head-butting goats, a rooster tries out, a spider uses one of its eight legs to kick, a dog again, two horses, a den of lions and a seal. But wait, there’s more. Then a camel tries to play with a giant ball, go back to birds, trot out the king of the jungle, a smaller type of cat, a determined turtle and finally a jersey-wearing dog.

h/t: Hai Style Youtube Channel

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