Thursday Throw Down: What happens when a McLaren supercar encounters an animal on the road

Lee McClurg was driving along a country road in the UK in his luxury car when he spotted an animal on the road.

He swerved his  McLaren 570S out of the way. The animal wasn’t hit. But the vehicle, which costs £168,000, is a total write-off after it crashed against the side of a house and a telegraph pole then burst into flames.

McClurg and his partner Alex Bedford weren’t injured and he insisted that he was driving at the 60mph limit. McClurg suggested that the supercar’s “playful” steering played a part in the incident.

​ “We’d deliberately got on the road very early, about quarter to six in the morning, to avoid the manic traffic heading to Goodwood,” he told the Telegraph.

“Unfortunately, at that time in the morning, there’s still lots of wildlife about, and we were driving down a stretch of road with woodland either side of it.

“There was a big animal that suddenly darted out in front of me – a deer or a badger or something – and I swerved to avoid it.


h/t: Telegraph UK

Photo credit: Trowbridge Fire Station

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