Thursday Throw Down: Real animals vs CGI ones for movie making

Actor Andy Serkis who is famous for acting opposite computer animation in movies like The Hobbit and The Jungle Book says there’s no need to ever use real animals on movie sets.

Serkis is currently in threatres now as the star of Planet of the Apes. In a video posted on YouTube by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Serkis said animation is the way to go.

The thought of shooting an Apes movie now with real apes is absurd.

Computer-generated imagery and performance-mapping makes movies like the Planet of the Apes franchise possible without wild animals being made to perform on set, according to Serkis.

We’ve matured as an industry and realized that that would be intolerable and cruel.”

The Revenant, Noah and the Planet of the Apes franchise have all used digital imagery to create wild animals.

Earlier this year, the producers of A Dog’s Life cancelled some showings of the movie after a video emerged of a German Shepherd looking like it was forced into rushing water.

PETA says filmgoers should avoid seeing movies that use live animals.


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