Tiger Cub Cam: Watch adopted tiger cub bond with new family in Oklahoma

Rejected by one mother, but adopted by another.

A tiger cub born at the Philadelphia Zoo is now in Oklahoma and finding her place with a foster family. And, animal lovers anywhere in the world can watch the family bond.

The Oklahoma City Zoo now has a “tiger cub cam” around the clock.

Click on the link and you’ll see 6-year-old Lola, a Sumatran tiger, and her three male cubs, which were born on July 9. But Lola is also caring for Zoya, a female Amur tiger who was born July 10 at the Philadelphia Zoo.

“Zoya’s mother wasn’t exhibiting maternal care that Zoya needed so she was integrated into Lola’s litter,” the Oklahoma facility said.

So which one is Zoya?

Follow these pro tips:

“Right now all the cubs are close in size, so the best way to tell Zoya from her littermates is her fur color. Her coat is much lighter than the boys. Amur tigers have a lighter orange coat with thicker stripes whereas Sumatran tigers have a darker orange coat with thinner black stripes.”

Zoya is the second cub on the left. ” Zoya is lighter in color and her paws are slightly larger. She will grow more quickly than her foster siblings. (As of July 24) She is also the only cub who has not yet opened her eyes,” the Oklahoma City Zoo. Dr. Gretchen Cole/Facebook

Zoya, the Siberian tiger, is a quite similar species as the Sumatran.

And both, sadly, are endangered. There are perhaps 500 animals left of each subspecies living in the wild.

So far, these adorable little gaffers are doing well in captivity.

And so is one busy mother tiger.

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