Tiger, monkeys, other animals rescued from “the worst zoo in the world”

Laziz was relegated to life in a small cage at what has been called “the worst zoo in the world.”

But this week, the 9-year-old Bengal tiger arrived at his new home in South Africa.

FOUR PAWS International spearheaded efforts to rescue the tiger after discovering that the Khan Younis Zoo in the Gaza strip had mummified corpses of animals on display, which had died from starvation and disease. Other animals were living in deplorable conditions, as the facility had fallen into financial peril.

Animal welfare groups finally were allowed to help.

Laziz was rescued along with five monkeys, one emu, one pelican, one deer, two porcupines, two long-legged buzzards and two turtles, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The zoo is now closed.

Laziz travelled four days to enjoy life in a more suitable environment.

Laziz making the journey from Gaza. FOUR PAWS South Africa/Facebook
Laziz making the journey from Gaza. FOUR PAWS South Africa/Facebook

And, after four days in transit, landed in his new home at Lionsrock Lodge & Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.

Laziz in Africa. FOUR PAWS South Africa/Facebook

And enjoyed his first African meal.

Laziz’s first African breakfast. FOUR PAWS South Africa/Facebook

Laziz is clearly settling in at Lionsrock Lodge & Big Cat Sanctuary.

Main Photo Monika Girardi/Lionsrock Lodge & Big Cat Sanctuary

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