Tightrope walking dog holds Guinness world record

Forget the Flying Wallendas. Check out Ozzy. This daredevil pooch from the United Kingdom has mastered the art of the two-legged tightrope.

“After working on this trick for the best part of 2 yrs OzzyDog has finally cracked it, and done a full handstand on rope, we are practising in loads of different locations, so his confidence builds, this was taken along the river in norwich on one of our favourite walks,” writes his owner, Nick, who posted the video to YouTube last week.

And so, behold a dog doing a handstand on a rope. This is 38 seconds of YouTube gold.

Also, the 6-year-old Welsh border collie mix is pretty adorable.


And, athletic.


And, feisty.


This canine crusader is our kind of dog.

Watch some of his early training here.

Oh, and Ozzy holds a Guinness World Record – of course he does – for fastest crossing of a tightrope by a dog. (Who knew that was a thing?) The pup crossed a rope measuring 3.5 metres in just 18.22 seconds. Watch the feat here.

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