Tweak the cat rescued from tree after promises of beer and whiskey for rescuers

Last Saturday Tweak the cat managed to get herself stuck atop a a massive 100-foot tree in Black Creek on Vancouver Island.

Since then, her owners have been desperate to get her down, especially after spotting a hawk and owls eyeing the feline like she was a morsel of meat.

There are also concerns that Tweak is becoming dehydrated.

Marina Robertson, Tweak’s owner, said they’ve tried treats and neighbours have tried to use ladders to get the cat down. but Tweak only climbed higher up to avoid them.

Local firefighters have been called in to help even though they don’t usually assist with stuck cats.

“We made an exception last night just because our ladder would reach to the level where the cat was,” said Bruce Green from the Oyster River Fire Dept in an interview broadcast on CTV News. “Unfortunately the firefighter that was up there had his hand on the cat, and the cat didn’t like it and scooted up higher.”

Finally the cat’s owner posted an ad promising a case of beer or a bottle of whiskey to whoever can bring Tweak down.

On Tuesday, a tree faller used his gear to reach her, but the cat became spooked and bolted another 50 feet up the tree before jumping over to another one.

Crews finally managed to get the cat down Wednesday.

No word on whether they took the beer or the whiskey.

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