File Under Canada: Twin moose born after mother hit by car in Ontario

This is a happy-sad story.

On Wednesday, a moose was spotted injured and immobile in water off the road not for from Rosseau, in Ontario’s cottage country.

It had been struck by a vehicle and was very pregnant.

The Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary tranquilized the animal while Fowler Construction came in with a crew and used an excavator and ropes to haul it out.

The moose was removed alive, but was gravely injured and couldn’t be saved.

“In the end, because of a broken leg, we could not save their mother,” the sanctuary said.

That’s the sad part.

But there’s wonderful news out of this sad story.

Veterinarians were able to deliver her babies.

An hours-old moose calf is saved in northern Ontario by emergency c-section. Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary/Facebook

An emergency c-section was performed and the sanctuary announced:

“It was with great pleasure that twins were delivered successfully— a boy and a girl. We have named the male Fowler, in honour of Fowler construction for their huge help; and the female Trinita, in honour of our Veterinary intern who under great pressure preformed her first C-section since vet school without fail.”

One of the twin moose calves delivered after their mother died in northern Ontario. Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary/Facebook

Fowler Construction was delighted.

The company posting on Facebook: “Congratulations to all involved and THANK YOU for such an amazing honour!!”

Twin moose calves were saved after their mother was hit by a car.

So far, so good for the newborn calves.

“Both are doing well through their first hour, but have been fed bovine colostrum instead of the colostrum they would have received from their mother, so their health is not guaranteed,” the sanctuary said. “We are doing our very best to care for these little ones in replacement of their late mom.”

It won’t be easy. Or cheap.

So now, the facility is asking for donations to help with the rehab of the twins.

Already they are bonding.

Photos Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary/Facebook

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