Two drivers charged after striking herd of Big Horn Sheep

Charges have been laid against two British Columbia, Canada drivers after their cars collided with a herd of  Big Horn Sheep in the province’s interior in October. 

At the time of the collision, westbound vehicles had stopped for  aherd of 12 Big Horn Sheep crossing Hwy 3, in the four lane 100 kph zone to the east of an area called Standing Rock.

Two male drivers failed to stop

As the westbound vehicles were stopped, an eastbound Ford F250pickup truck operated by a 56 year old male and a Dodge Ram Pick Up operated by a 75 year old male both failed to stop for the crossing sheep, killing five and injuring two other animals.

Some of the sheep were thrown from the impact into the stopped westbound vehicles damaging the cars.

 Neither driver of the eastbound vehicles stopped at the scene.

Manhunt for drivers who fled

Since the date of the collision, officials have been looking for the drivers. 

The joint investigation by the RCMP South Okanagan Traffic Services and the BCConservation Officer Service resulted in both vehicles being located and the respective drivers identified.

 The drivers have now ben charged with failing to report accidental killing of wildlife on the highway, failing to remain at the scene of an accident, and driving with consideration of others.

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