Two old dogs, Elmer and Deloris Plops, spend their remaining days safe and happy after rescue group bring them together

For the last 12 years, staff at the Kainai Board of Education building in Alberta have been feeding a mean, old dog who kept hanging around.

The dog went missing a few weeks ago and was found stuck in the basin of a dam at a reservoir.

The Blood Tribe Police Service and fire department rescued the dog and that’s when the Prairie Pits Rescue Organization in Lethbridge came in.

The very old, very upset feral dog was brought in to the sanctuary.

“We settled into a good routine with the old fart and we’ve affectionately been calling him Plops because sometimes he poops when he walks….challenges of old age, according to the organization’s FB page.

A staffer at the Kainai Board of Education identified the dog, confirming his meanness and unfriendliness.

Then mentioned there was another dog, Plops wife, who was wandering around and not doing too well since Plops was taken. The question was asked: could the rescue organization take in her as well?

The organization took a dog trap and went armed with canned food and waited.

The wrong dog wandered in. The trap was reset and a short time later, the right dog was captured.

Both senior dogs are incredibly arthritic from spending long winters outside. Elmer is almost completely deaf, has some bowel control challenges and not many teeth.

Deloris has some deafness and blindness already and likes to follow Elmer around, to be her eyes.

They are both feral and want nothing to do with their rescuers, especially those who want to hug the seniors.

They are easy to get inside, a new experience for them. It’s estimated they’ve been spending at least 14 Alberta winters outside.

But in the twilight of their lives, the sun is out and they are together, napping their remaining days away on soft blankets and food for their bellies.

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