U.S. Thanksgiving turkey pardon tradition means freedom for Bread and Butter

U.S. presidents have been “pardoning” turkeys since 1989 when George H.W. Bush first spared the White House turkey from the Thanksgiving table.

And so, this week Donald Trump carried on the tradition with all the pomp and ceremony one might expect of a National Thanksgiving Turkey pardon.

The North Carolina raised turkeys, named Bread and Butter, were first treated to some posh digs at the Willard Hotel.

Bread and Butter living their best lives. White House/Flickr

The room was even outfitted with sawdust.

All the things a turkey could want. White House/Flickr

School kids named the turkeys and then people got to vote on who gets to, well, keep their head.

Butter won by a feather.

Don’t fret too much about Bread.

He’s not headed for the chopping block, either.

Both turkeys are now at “Gobblers Rest,” their new home on the Virginia Tech campus.

“They will be cared for by veterinarians and students at the school’s exhibit, where they can be visited by the public,” according to the White House.

And so, it’s a Happy Thanksgiving — at least for these two turkeys.

Photos The White House/Twitter/Flickr

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