UK’s “unluckiest dog” finally finds a home after five years at Edinburgh shelter

Star was known was the “unluckiest dog” in the United Kingdom.

For the past five years, the Staffordshire terrier has been biding his time at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home waiting for his forever home.

Star was found by police back in July, 2013 tied up behind a derelict building. He was underweight and his nails were so long they curled into his pads.

The dog was so neglected, he was lucky to be alive, which is why, when he eventually wound up at Home, staff christened him their “lucky Star,” according to the shelter.

Now, after 1,800 days, give or take, and an intense #FindStarAHome campaign, the 7-and-a-half-year-old pooch finally has one.

“After seeing Star on social media, and seeing he was still available after thousands and thousands of views, I thought to myself, ‘Why is no one taking him?’” recalled Graeme Webb, a professional photographer. “So I decided I’d go and see him for myself. When I saw how happy and friendly he was, I decided he was the one for me.”

Star and his new owner, Graeme Webb. Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home/Facebook

Star’s adoption was announced Monday.

And it was a very big deal for staff.

An epic going away party for Star. Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home/Facebook

It wasn’t easy finding Star at home.

He had physical injuries to overcome, but also some mental challenges.

“Whatever had happened to Star before he found sanctuary at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home had made him nervous around other dogs and children so, while other animals came and went at the rescue centre, Star continued to be overlooked,” the shelter explained.

Finally in February, the shelter launched its social media campaign.

It went viral.

Professional football player Marvin Bartley of the Hibernian FC, even visited Star, and kicked a ball around with him.

People stepped up, but they weren’t suitable.

Either they had kids or other pets at home.

Webb, however, was a “perfect match” for Star.

“When he arrived ‘home’ he was a bit stressed, so that first night I slept on sofa and Star slept on his bed next to the sofa,” Webb said later. “Since then I’ve slept in my own bed and Star has claimed the sofa as his.”

Star has now really settled in. He loves food, playing football and running around.

“Star is such a friendly, happy, loving dog who wants company and cuddles all the time. Yes, he’s strong and he does react to other dogs, but you just have to be aware of that and understand why,” Webb added.

For his part, Bartley was thrilled with the news and returned to the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home to give Star’s new owner a signed team jersey, and see Star.

“He’s got a home now with a lovely guy as well, someone who thinks the world of him and he deserves it because he’s a great dog,” Bartley said in a statement. “Everyone knows that I love dogs, I’ve got one myself, so I am really happy that he has got a home after spending so long here.”

Marvin Bartley has one more visit with Star. Hibernian Football Club/Facebook

But paying it forward didn’t end there.

Webb gave the shirt back to the shelter to be auctioned later in order to raise money for taking care of other dogs and cats until they too find their forever homes.

“Everyone at the Home couldn’t be happier that Star has finally found his forever family,” Lindsay Fyffe-Jardine, the shelter’s director of operations said. “To see the way he looks at his new dad with such trust and love makes the long search for Star worth it.”

Star is unlucky no more. Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home/Facebook

Photos Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home/Facebook

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