United Airlines had to evict another unwanted traveler after passenger stung by scorpion on flight

It’s been a crappy week public relations wise for United Airlines.

On the same day that passenger Dr David Dao was brutally dragged out of his seat after the airline needed to empty some seats, another passenger got stung by a scorpion.

The passenger Richard Bell and his wife Linda, of Calgary, were on their way home to Calgary after a two week vacation in Mexico. During their United Flight 1418 departing from Houston, someone fell out of the overhead bin and on to Bell’s head.

The Bells, business-class passengers, were eating lunch when Bell felt something sting him on the head. It described it as feeling like a wasp sting.

Bell grabbed the insect by its tail and flung it on the floor. Another passenger saw the scorpion and thought it might be poisonous. After Bell picked up the insect, it stung hi on the head.

Passengers stepped on the scorpion and flight attendants asked for medical help. A nurse on board the flight gave the Calgary man the painkiller Demerol as a precaution. The scorpion was later thrown into the toilet.

When the plane landed in Calgary, EMS boarded the plane.

The flight was previously on the Costa Rica where it’s supposed the scorpion first board.

It’s not the first time a critter stowed away on the flight. A real snake last year slithered out of an AeroMexico flight and earlier this year a flight from the Emirates was delayed after snakes snuck out of their hiding spot.

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