Unleash your inner yogi with cat yoga at the Calgary Humane Society

Downward dog is taking on a whole new meaning in Canada.

The Calgary Humane Society is now offering cat yoga classes at the animal shelter. Like goat yoga, but better.



Also, kittens!

Even pro football player Reggie Begelton of the Calgary Stampeders took in the adorable class.

(Yes, football players do yoga. And it’s a workout they do it pretty well.)

So cute.

“We’re coming off a long season,” Begelton said after the class as his team steams toward the Grey Cup. “We need some relaxation and this is a good way to do it.”

Gives a whole new meaning to downward dog.

Just be careful you don’t go home with too many kitties.

Keep your eyes open for the next class.

The first one sold out immediately.

All proceeds go toward the animal shelter.

Photos Calgary Hume Society/Twitter

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