Urban pigeons Earl and Pearl in Vancouver get their own reality show

We are addicted to Balcony Pigeons. It’s set up by a colleague of ours here in Vancouver, a journalist by day, pigeon watcher by night.

The daily tribulations of Earl and Pearl, two pigeons trying to make it in the big city is mesmerizing.

The folks behind Balcony Pigeon  first noticed a pigeon moved on to their fire escape/balcony of their West End apartment earlier this month. The cooing outside their kitchen window gave it away.earl

A few days later, the apartment residents discovered a rather rickety nest and found an adorable egg. They named their pigeon Earl and later found out Earl must be a girl because a few days later, there was another.

We’ve since learned that there are two pigeons taking turns on the egg: Earl — the male, the darker bird, typically during the day — and Pearl, who has a light-coloured back and is on the night shift. 

They’ve hooked up a live feed of the nest, day and night, thanks to an infrared night-vision camera, and expect the eggs to hatch by late April or early May.

h/t: Balcony Pigeon 

Photo credit: Balcony Pigeon 

Twitter: James Keller


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