Watch a grizzly bear gobble up a vole. It’s actually pretty adorable

You’ve seen spider eat mouse. Perhaps this is more your style.

Bear eats vole.

This is Boo, the resident grizzly bear at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, British Columbia. And, as he fattens up for hibernation, he found a tiny vole in his enclosure and gobbled up the small snack.

The resort says Boo loses about 30 per cent of his body weight over winter. He usually goes into his den weighing around 386 kilograms, but come spring wake up is down to about 250 kg.

No wonder Boo is busy eating everything he can find before the snow flies. Don’t worry skiers and snowboarders. This rescue bear is in an large enclosure on the ski hill.

But if you’re lucky, you may just see him come spring as you ski by. Believe it, it can happen.

Photos Boo Grizzly/Facebook

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