Watch: Elk trashing inflatable Christmas poop in Jasper National Park

Amber Homan cracked the case of her Christmas Grinch as soon as she looked at her security camera.

One very angry elk was responsible for biting, flinging and stomping on her inflatable Christmas emoji poop decoration in Alberta’s Jasper National Park.

She posted the incriminating videos on Facebook.

“Well I guess we won’t have holiday poo this year,” she wrote. “Jerks.”

Well I guess we won't have holiday poo this year. Jerks

Posted by Amber Homan on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

“I don’t understand why it attacked the defenseless poop,” she added. “Hello kitty looks like she’s up for a fight.”

This is is what the blow-up decoration once looked like. Homan posted the image from Amazon.

Instead, it was flattened.

Bye-bye blow-up poop. Photo: Amber Homan/Facebook

The episode went on for about 30 minutes, according to the Jasper Fitzhugh newspaper.

Homan thinks she knows why.

“If these little sh*ts aren’t crapping on my sidewalk they apparently are destroying my poop,” Homan added. “It’s probably one that I scared off my lawn.” 

Angry elk stomps inflatable Christmas decoration. Photo: Amber Homan/Facebook

It’s probably safe to say this is how we all feel about 2020.

Photos: Amber Homan/Facebook

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