Watch a French Zoo’s new baby panda as he ages from one day to four months

For the first months on his life, little Mini Yuan Zi didn’t have a name. He was just named after his father Yuan Zi, the father.

But the little panda, born in August, made his debut on giant screens earlier this month and also received his official name: Yuan Meng.

The mother, Huan Huan, has been with the baby panda since giving birth to Yuan Meng Oct 4th. At the time of his arrival, Yuan Meng weighed just 143 grams. Today, Yuan Meng weighs almost 9 kilograms.

Only 23 zoos around the world have giant pandas outside of China.

Watch the video to see how Yuan Meng has grown over the past few months. On Jan 13, 2018, he will be visible to visitors via the inner lodgings of his mother.

For those wanting a glimpse of Yuan Meng frolicking in the outdoor, that won’t happen until at least the summer.

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