Watch kangaroos enjoy a snow day — yes, snow day — in Australia

Stephen Grenfell is a self-described bushwalker, canyoner, mountain biker and photographer.

He’s seen a lot, but this absolutely floored the Australia man.

“Not something you see every day in Australia,” he posted to Twitter. “Kangaroos in the snow.”

His video of the mob of hopping kangaroos was taken yesterday about three hours west of Sydney on Taralga Road north of Goulburn.

And nope, it’s not something you see every day.

Grenfell says while the snow is unusual, it’s not unheard of.

“For this location [it snows] a couple of days a year,” he wrote. “This was the most snow we have ever seen in this area and it was much further north than normal.”

People are now obsessed.

Grenfell snapped some other images of critters in the snow.

It’s hard to tell if they are exactly enjoying it.

But for those of us still enjoying summer, it’s especially weird to see.

And to think, this soon will be upon the other half of the planet. Brrrr.

Photo Stephen Grenfell/Twitter

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