Watch lazy red fox lounge on London rooftop picnic blanket

Did you hear the one about the clever fox clamouring up a fire escape for a siesta on a London roof?

This Disney-quality scene was photographed by Tom Bell, a British actor and delightfully funny comedian. (Yes, delightfully.)

As one does when on comes across wildlife in the middle of a major city.

“The first photos were through the kitchen window so as not to scare it but when we realised it wasn’t stressed out we crept nearer and nearer,” Bell wrote. “We probably could have petted it, it was so unphased by us.”

The fox didn’t even mind the paparazzi moment.

In fact, the fox was bored by the attention.

It even paused to perform a bit of yoga.

And enjoyed a serenade.

This was probably a bad idea even though it’s dog-like cute.

Friends, don’t feed wildlife.

And for that, Tom Bell, aka, “roof fox guy” became a thing on Twitter.

And people around the world started sending him images of foxes frolicking in their gardens and yards.

Which is pretty awesome.

Photos @tombellforever/Twitter

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