WATCH: Shark eats camera, camera keeps filming

Talk about an immersive video:

Panoramic footage posted to Instagram shows a big tiger shark chomping on an Insta360 camera.

The footage provides a rare and extended closeup between the jaws of one of nature’s most fearsome apex predators.

The clip with live audio shows two large sharks swimming near a camera that’s resting on a white-sand sea bottom in shallow, sunlit water.

One shark glides straight toward the camera, jostles it briefly between rows of razor-sharp teeth, then takes the entire thing inside its mouth.

Zimy Da Kid, founder of @deepseaguardians is a filmmaker, who shot the video.

Remarkably, the camera continues to record as the shark chomps on the device for 15 seconds or so, treating viewers to a wide-angle view of teeth, gill slits, and the opening to the shark’s esophagus. When the fish spits out the camera, it lands in perfect position to frame the beast as it swims away.

That moment this curious Tiger Shark decided to taste my @insta360 camera during our last @deepseaguardians expedition

You can see the video here.

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