Wayward beaver temporarily hits brakes at Toronto subway station

The rush hour was briefly derailed in Toronto Thursday morning when a busy beaver wandered into a Toronto subway station.

Jenn Abbott snapped photos of the unusual commuter at the Royal York subway station.

She posted them to Twitter.

“This in Toronto, Canada. #TTCBeaver found on subway platform this morning,” Abbott wrote. “Can’t get any more Canadian than this!”

Peak Canada commuter. Photo: Jenn Abbott/Twitter

Just another day on the TTC.

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and Toronto Animal Service hopped into action.

Officials alternately called the beaver “Nickel,” because well, a beaver is pictured on the Canadian five cent coin, and “Rascal, the Royal York beaver,” presumably due to the alliteration.

Beavers are common around Toronto. And apparently, this one entered the station from some nearby waterways.

“Trespassing critters are not uncommon on the TTC,” spokesperson Stuart Green tweeted.

“While no one recalls a beaver sighting in recent history, we’ve had raccoons, deer, escaped dogs, pigeons, opossums and even crabs find their way into the system (OK, the last one was a pet),” he added.

Toronto Animal Services helped in the rescue.

“‘Nickel’ the Beaver was clearly afraid and stressed to find himself amongst so many people, but was healthy, with clear eyes and a slapping tail – all signs of a healthy beaver,” animal services said.

A happy ending on one tail slapper of a story.

The beaver made it out safely with a little help from TTC and animal services officers. Photo: Jenn Abbott/Twitter

And no end of Canadian beaver jokes.

Photos: Jenn Abbott/Twitter

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