Wednesday Zen Moment: A bonanza of baby lemurs at Chester Zoo

Baby zoo news is often the best news.

And the Chester Zoo in the UK has a bevy of babies. Six lemurs have been born at the zoo this spring.

All of them are 100 per cent squee.

And that includes twins. Times two.

And a first for the facility.

A baby black lemur, which is a species vulnerable to extinction in the wild in Madagascar, is now residing there.

The babies each weighed less than a tennis ball and were just 15 centimetres tall when they were born.

“It’ll now be some time before our zookeepers are able to determine whether the new arrivals are boys or girls, as the babies are currently travelling around by piggybacking on their mothers,” the zoo posted on Facebook.

They also live with a group of critically endangered red ruffed lemurs. Four crowned lemurs, another endangered species, also call the zoo home.

“The lemurs of Madagascar are the planet’s highest primate conservation priority, as habitat loss in the wild pushes multiple species to the brink of extinction,” the zoo said.

They are also very, very cute.


Photo Chester Zoo/Twitter

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