Wednesday Zen Moment: Art critic dog Ella Fitzgerald contemplates watercolours

Artist Julia Powell has a tough critic: her golden retriever name Ella Fitzgerald.

Earlier this year, Powell walked into her studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts and noticed Ella was staring at her owner’s painting.

Powell took a picture which she posted on Instagram. The next day, she noticed Ella, who is six years old, staring at another painting intently. She kept posting Instagram shots of Ella contemplating her artwork and came up with three theories.

Okay guys – WHAT IS GOING ON! I have to post because this will never happen two days in a row again. Came outside to photograph this work in progress and my dog Ella Fitzgerald was staring at my painting. I have three theories. 1. Yesterday and today I used a lot of blue and green and maybe she is responding to those colors. 2. Both of the canvases (yesterday and today) are linen made by the same manufacturer – maybe they smell a certain way. 3. My dog is a genius and actually sees something here and is going to make me famous by writing about my work in a NYT bestselling art theory book she publishes one day. What do you guys think?

Ella’s zen-like trance as she looks at paintings have delighted thousands of Powell’s followers on Instagram.

Ella seems particularly fond of blues and greens. Among her likes: cool reggae tunes and tortoiseshell glasses.

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