Wednesday Zen Moment: Baby goats rejected by mom; adopted by humans

The folks at Island Hill Farm have taken in a pair of baby goats rejected by their mother.

But life hasn’t been easy for little Corona and Guinness born on Monday. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the Islander Day holiday, Florence Sanderson and others at the Hampshire, Prince Edward Island farm were tending to the helpless newborns.

(And yes, they are named after the beer varieties. Corona is the brown one and Guinness is black.)

The wee things are being cuddled. And cared for. Young Guinness had a broken hind leg, but now sports a cast.

Guinness has a broken leg, but is on the mend. Island Hill Farm/Facebook

They are also being tube fed. Corona is quickly getting a handle on this whole bottle thing.

So is Guinness. Irony noted.

It’s not like Guinness comes in glass bottles. Island Hill Farm/Facebook

So very zen.

“Please keep them in your thoughts as we try and help them get strong,” Island Hill posted on Facebook.

Grow baby goats, grow.

Photos Island Hill Farm/Facebook

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