Wednesday Zen Moment: Baby walrus born in SeaWorld Orlando, snuggles with mom

A full moustache is a good sign if you’re a baby walrus.

In a rare birth in captivity, a female walrus at SeaWorld Orlando has given birth to a healthy little one.

Kaboodle, a 14 year-old female walrus welcomed her first calf about a week ago.

It’s a first for the SeaWorld Orlando family.

According to animal care ambassadors who have kept a close watch on mom throughout the pregnancy, Kaboodle and her
calf immediately began to bond and keep close to one another, even snuggling as they sleep.

Calves are born with robust whiskers which help identify the shellfish they can eat.

While walruses are not yet listed as a threatened species, they have been affected by global climate change.

The park has received orphaned walrus calves before in its care but this is the first live birth in captivity for the amusement park.

Mom and the unnamed-as-yet calf are under 24 hour care and not yet available for public viewing yet.

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