Wednesday Zen Moment: Baby zebra at Calgary Zoo is confirmed adorable

He’s black. And white. Also, cute all over.

The Calgary Zoo welcomed a new baby zebra.

His mother, Leba, gave birth to the healthy male foal on Dec. 1, the zoo announced on Tuesday.

“Mom and baby are bonding and settling in together,” the zoo posted on Facebook.

Visitors may be able to see them outside in their African Savannah habitat — playing in snow. Yes, snow.

“These zebra are Hartmann’s mountain zebras – they are native to mountainous areas in southwest Africa!” the zoo explained on Facebook, as people wondered about zebras in snow.

The species is hardier than other zebras, and tolerate colder temperatures down to -15C, according to the facility.

And so far, the wee fella is really taking to the white stuff.

“He seemed to be loving it!” the zoo added. “He was running around and exploring with Mom.”

And don’t worry, the little guy won’t be left in the cold.

“He is doing just fine,” the zoo assured people, “and always has access indoors should he want to be inside! We are watching the temperature closely and will bring him inside when it falls below 8 degrees!”

The foal doesn’t have a name — yet.

Photos Calgary Zoo/Facebook

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