Wednesday Zen Moment: Be like this squirrel and stop to smell the flowers

Dutch photographer Dick van Duijin captured some remarkable photos of a squirrel as it stopped what it was doing to smell a flower.

van Duijin, a wildlife, nature and landscape photographer  took the photo of a squirrel grabbing the sunflower in Vienna.

The photographer is a hobbyist who works with his parents to run a fish stall in Noordwijk. Photography is his hobby and he travels in fall and winter to photograph as much as he can during the periods when he’s not working.

The photo of the squirrel sniffing a flower was created just like that. van Duijin knew that in Vienna there is a certain place where the squirrel sits a lot. He traveled there last summer and that is exactly where the popular squirrel photo was taken.

“On the first day we observed them and their behavior,” Van Duijn says. “On the second day, we photographed them the whole day. In the evening just before sunset, when the light became soft and nice, one of the many ground squirrels walked towards the yellow flower and began to hold it and sniff it.”

Since then the photo has gone viral, creating joy for whoever sees it and giving a critter reminder to stop sometimes when the sun is shining to smell a flower for no reason at all.



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