Wednesday Zen Moment: How to calm a frantic skunk

There are some critters you don’t want to stress out for obvious reasons.

A nervous, agitated skunk starts spraying and that’s exactly what this little skunk did when it got tangled in some garden netting. 

The rescue was documented by one of our FB sites, The Secret Life of a Dog Catcher . The dog catcher wrote that as a longtime wildlife rescue volunteer, she loves win/win calls where an animal would most certainly die if rescuers don’t jump in.

This little guy became tangled in some garden netting and the more he fought, the more tangled he became. I approached slowly with an old heavy blanket and covered him up in it.

The little skunk sprayed the rescuer but she was protected by the blanket. The rescuer started cutting away at the netting that was tightly wound around his body, all four legs and tail.

At first he fought me a bit, then he relaxed, lay still and watched me finish. It was amazing to have him staring right at my face as I worked. And to watch him toddle away when I released him. Things like that make of for so much of the hard stuff we deal with on a daily basis.



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