Wednesday Zen Moment: Goat Yoga at Oregon farm helps you get limber and as relaxed as goats

Lainey Morse has been a portrait and editorial photographer in the Willamette Valley for the past 10 years specializing in newborn and family photographs.

In 2015, after having health issues, she decided to top shooting portraiture and focus on her health, body and soul. A year later, she began focusing on developing a business around her farm name No Regrets.

Her plans  include everything from Yoga on the Farm to Goat Happy Hour, Morse said.

The ultimate end goal is to specialize in animal-assisted therapy for people suffering grief or abuse as well as people with special needs or disabilities. That is down the road but as for now, I’m starting out with Goat Yoga which has been a huge hit.

Being surrounded by goats as you stretch and limber up is a pretty Zen thing.


h/t: Facebook Your Daily Goat

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