Wednesday Zen Moment: It’s National Otter Day so watch these cute otters being all otter-like

So of course we knew about dog blogs and kitten blogs, but until today, National Otter Day, we didn’t realize how many daily otter blogs there were out there.

Some of our favourites include Daily Otter  and a Japanese site dedicated too all otters, all the time.

We’re also fans of the IOSF which is the International Otter Survival Fund based out of the UK where we learned there are 13 species of otters and they are part of the Mustelid family of animals which also includes badgers, pine martens and weasels.

Many of them are endangered in places around the world with some of the verge of dying out. One of them, the Eurasian otter have seen its population decline by 95% in certain parts of England and Wales.

The conservation of the otter is vitally important as the otter is at the top of both the acquatic and land food chains and it is highly sensitive to any form of disturbance, pollution and habitat destruction. Because they are so sensitive they act as a warning signal for the health of the environment and this is obviously important for the well-being of humans too.

Read more about otters at

Here are some quick otter facts:

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