Wednesday Zen Moment: Kittens love buskers, but their tipping could use some work

Nobody can accuse these cool cats of having the attention spans of  goldfish.

This Malaysian busker has the undivided attention of four kittens while he sings and strums a guitar in a cafe.

Jass Pangkor Buskers posted this photo of his furry fan club/Facebook

“You know you are awesome when a group of kittens are paying attention to you singing!” wrote blooduhz, who recently posted the 1-minute 21 second video on YouTube to the glee of cat-lovers everywhere.

The busker, Jass Pangkor Busker, chimed in from Malaysia to let fans know he was playing Keindahan Pantai (Enchanting Beach) when the feline friends sat at attention.

“Thank You,” he wrote. “Respect to be respected. I Did it Truly from soul.. by heart…I am the one in this video.”

And the busker is now basking in international attention.

Main Photo Blooduhz/YouTube

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