Wednesday Zen Moment: Missed watching April the Giraffe? Watch meterologist Andrew Freiden avoid eating a donut

Yes, we all miss the anticipation of April the pregnant giraffe.

But for those of us who can’t get enough of watching real life unfold in real time, Andrew Freiden, a meterologist with NBC, has come up with his struggle to keep us entertained.

He’s tried to avoid eating a donut for one day in March. He’s had 12 donuts so far in 2017.

Here’s NBC12 tongue-in-cheek take to catch the April the Giraffe craze.

The Weatherman has a big, safe enclosure. He is allowed outside several times a day. NBC12 takes pride in its indoor housing and the level of enrichment and care to keep the meteorologist happy and healthy.

The donut weighs 6 ounces. Andrew is expected to eat the donut at some point in the next day.

NBC12 officials will not rush this process, we are letting it unfold naturally. The meteorologist will eat the donut whenever he decides to.

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