Wednesday Zen Moment: Most beautiful sound in the world are frogs singing in Malaysia

There’s a website called BeautifulNow where people around the world share the most beautiful things happening in the world today.

They recently sought information about what people think was the most beautiful sound in the world.

The site is a place where people can discover, create, and share the most beautiful things happening in the world today.

Two years ago, the site named the most beautiful sound in the world.

The winner is frogs in Borneo. Marc Anderson, who recorded the sound did a Q and A with Beautiful Now founder Shira White.

Anderson, natural sound expert and photographer, aka Wild Ambience, won the Most Beautiful Sound in the World Competition

Shira: Congratulations on winning the Most Beautiful Sound in the World Competition. you had a beautiful sound, so that’s really great.

Marc: Thanks for that. It’s part of what I do for work. I try to make an effort to record beautiful sounds.

S: Tell me a little bit more about what you do for work.

M: I’ve primarily been a freelance photographer, but my real passion and hobby is nature and travel photography; I love nature, and in the last few years I’ve started to get into the sound recording side of it, in addition to taking photos of a location — the wildlife, the nature — I really got into recording it.

S: In your photography work do you mainly focus on nature?

M: It depends where I am. I always make an effort to find the national parks, the wildlife, the birds, the animals, when I can get into those areas. But when I’m in villages and towns it’s more focused on the people and the towns. At home sometimes I take commercial photography for the cash flow, to pay the bills. But nature is where I really enjoy myself, and get a lot of satisfaction — I find it very peaceful as well.

S: Fabulous. I assume you were the one who took the photo that accompanied your entry, correct?

M: Yes, that was in the same location, a little further up the trail where there was a viewpoint over the national park.

S: Very nice. Tell me, did you record and capture this sound and photo specifically for this competition, or is this something you had created already that you then decided to enter?

M: It was something I already had on record, it was a little over twelve months ago, and it was one of those things where I was in the right location and I could sense there was a lot happening in terms of the rainforest, the sounds that were really pulsing this afternoon. We found this little frog pond where the frogs had started calling, so I set the microphones up, anticipating that it would get even better, which it did! We ended up getting a really nice, one hour recording just as intense as what you can hear in that three minute sample. It was amazing.

h/t: Beautiful Now


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