Wednesday Zen Moment: Need a hug? Look for NYC dog Louboutina

Americans are needing more hugs these days due to the often tense and stressful political situation and in New York City, anyone who runs into Louboutina, the retriever, gets a bit of love and a big hug.

Passerbys on the corner of West 19th Street and Seventh Avenue in Chelsea can get hugged by Loubitina, who also goes by Loubie, who sometimes waits there just in case someone needs a hug.

Loubie, a five-year-old retriever, was named after the shoemaker Christian Louboutin. She began her hugging pathway after her owner Cesar Fernandez-Chavez had a bad breakup. Loubie first began holding Fernandez-Chavez’ hand, then gradually she began to hug him all the time.

Now she’s spreading the love to strangers. Loubie embraces anyone who needs a hug, sometimes on her hind legs.

Repost via @avb Let’s never let go of each other, ok?

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