Wednesday Zen Moment: Origami elephants raising awareness of 96 elephants killed every day in Africa

OrigamiUSA has partnered with 96 Elephants to raise awareness for the 35,000 elephants killed every year.

They’re trying to collect over 35,000 origami elephants to beat the current world record for largest display of origami elephants.

The campaign has received beautiful folded elephants from more than 40 American states and from more than 30 countries.

One of the contributors who may have been the oldest contributor to the project was 109-year-old Opal Goode. She was born, according to the note that accompanied her origami, in Native American territory five months before it became Oklahoma.

She says that makes her older than dirt,” her friend wrote in a note to the project, “with the memory of an elephant.”

Origami elephants have poured in and the official count for all the paper elephants to see if the record is broken is Nov. 17.


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