Wednesday Zen Moment: Otters photobomb wedding proposal

Bernard Seah is used to photographing animals.

Just not quite like this.

The photographer was capturing the moment British tourists Jordan Doyle and Mary Lister became engaged Tuesday while on vacation in Singapore when the local band of urban otters interrupted the romantic moment.

To be fair to the utterly adorable otters, the couple was out for a tour to watch them.

“This is just otterly crazy love❤️! Even I cannot believe this😍!” Seah posted on Facebook with the image, which has now gone viral.

Seah just couldn’t believe his luck as a camera slinger.

“A UK couple contacts me to see otters in Singapore,” Seah added. “They come to witness the otters. He romantically proposes near the otters as they are swimming by.  Lo and behold, the otters come out to witness the proposal! Signature of witnesses🐾🐾🐾” 

The otters belong to a group known as the Bishan 10.

They are among several otter families they seem to do just fine in Singapore’s urban areas and have been featured on Blue Planet with David Attenborough.

Oh, and the newly engaged couple?

Over the moon.

Doyle explained on Facebook that the couple went looking for the world-famous otters with the help of Seah.

“We ran, ran & ran around Singapore bay trying to find them until we did!!!” Doyle wrote.

“I have had a ring on me for a while with no idea when or how I was going to pop the question. When we saw the otters at the river eating, I decided to ask for this gorgeous otter obsessed girl to marry me.”

Lister said yes, making Doyle, the self-proclaimed “happiest man on earth.”

“Of course, the wild otters were inquisitive & so when posing later on, they came ashore & surrounded us… for three minutes!!! Very unusual they must have known how special it was,” he added.

These are definitely the world’s best wedding crashers.

Otterly wonderful. Bernard Photojournals/Facebook

Photo Bernard Photojournals/Facebook

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