Wednesday Zen Moment: Pockets Warhol paints portrait of husky with “weird eyes”

Animals helping animals is probably the best kind of good Samaritan story.

Pockets Warhol is a world famous capuchin monkey who happens to paint memorable pictures. Jubilee became a world famous husky for having weird eyes nobody initially saw the beauty in.

Now, the rescue monkey has captured the most fabulous image of the once unwanted pooch.

“This is my completed painting of Jubilee The Husky on the way soon to the amazing non-profit Husky House with huge thanks for all their rescue work with Jubilee and so many others who need homes,” Pockets Warhol, or at least the humans who take care of him at Story Book Primate Sanctuary in southern Ontario, posted on Facebook.

Ta da! Pockets Warhol/Facebook

Jubilee was a dog given up by a breeder in New Jersey due to the dog’s eyelid deformity, which always made the dog look surprised.

But once the animal shelter posted about Jubilee’s plight on social media, adoption applications flooded in.

And, the 4-year-old dog found her forever home.

“Jubilee is a sweet rescue dog that had been born with a congenital eye issue and was considered unadoptable because humans thought she looked ‘weird,'” Pockets Warhol wrote.

“Her story went viral as she waited patiently for someone to see how very special and beautiful she truly is inside and outside. Husky House rescue helped her to find a loving family and she is now living the life she deserves to live,” the monkey added.

Husky House was positively tickled pink.

“Great job, Pockets! Thank you so much!” the shelter wrote.

Jubilee is more than meets the eye. Husky House/Facebook

Just like Jubilee, Pockets is one of a kind.

“I love Jubilee too! I hope she loves her painting¬†❤️❤️❤️,” Pockets posted.

“I’m a monkey. I like to paint and have fun.” Pockets Warhol/Facebook

The underlying message from Pockets is something we can all get behind.

“#AdoptDontShop #animalshelpinganimals”

Photos Pockets Warhol/Husky House/Facebook

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