Wednesday Zen Moment: For prosperity and better fishing, Mexican mayor marries a crocodile

It began, as legend says, with a wedding between two rival tribes.

Two indigenous groups, the Chontales and the Huaves, have been fighting each other for longer than anyone could remember.

But the war ended when a prince from the Chontales married a princess of the Huaves after they fell in love.

Fast forward to modern day and the legend has become a bizarre ritual between a man and a crocodile, meant to symbolize the Huaves people.

In the Mexican fishing town of San Pedro Huamelula, the mayor marries a crocodile. Now it’s not to ensure peace but to bring riches to fishermen hoping for a season of good fishing for fish, shrimp and other seafood.

Last week, Mayor Victor Aguilar in a ceremony involving festivities, music and a bridal march married a crocodile dressed in wedding dress.

St. Peter, the town’s patron saint, apparently demands an annual wedding. It’s a ritual that has been documented back to 1789.

Locals consider the crocodile to be a princess and believe that the nuptials will bring peace and prosperity to the community.

h/t: Euronews, MSN 

Photo credit: @Noticiasnet.Mx, Mario Jimenez Leyva

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