Wednesday Zen Moment: This little piggy followed a man all the way home

Being followed is unnerving.

But imagine the surprise of a man in Ohio who turned around to find a portly pig hot on his heels.

You’d call police, too if this happened to you.
And so the unidentified victim called the North Ridgeville Police Department at 5:26 a.m. Saturday as he walked home from the train station.
“He went on to state that he was being followed by a pig and didn’t know what to do,” the police department updated by way of Facebook. “A pig. Riiiight.”

The duty officer assumed he was drunk. And, wouldn’t you?

But police still responded to the unusual call.
“Upon arrival, they found a very sober male,” police said.”… Oh, and he was being followed by a pig. Yes, a pig.”
Patrolman Damir Kuduzovic managed to “wrangle” the hog into his cruiser.  
And yes, police also did their best subvert the swine jokes.
“Also, we will mention the irony of the pig in a police car now so that anyone that thinks they’re funny is actually unoriginal and trying too hard,” police said. 
It only took a few hours for the owner of the wandering pig to be found. It’s unclear how she got loose or if she was headed to market or home.

Oh, and her name is Zoey.

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