Wednesday Zen Moment: Turned-over turtle rescued on Florida beach

Now we know the answer to one of life’s great mysteries: How does a turtle that has flipped onto its back, turn over?

It seems, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission comes to the rescue.

“A troubled loggerhead sea turtle was found upside down and wedged between rocks at Blowing Rocks Preserve,” the organization posted on Facebook Tuesday. “Luckily, we came to the rescue alongside Nature Conservancy staff and turned things around!”

The commission’s Trish Randall took a wonderful series of photos of the rescue effort on Jupiter Island.

As you can see, it was no easy task to turnover such a large reptile, which got herself pinned in natural crevice created by the Anastasia limestone, the rock outcropping known around the world  for sending surging seawater 50 feet in the air.


It was a pretty big job.


Once righted, the turtle “quickly crawled back into the water and swam off like a champ,” the government said, adding:

“A serene ending: the turtle that got trapped in the rocks heads back to the sea.”


Officials also said the incident provides a good reminder for beach-goers to fill in any holes that they dig in the sand to help protect turtles from becoming hopelessly trapped without people nearby to help.

Photos Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission/Trish Randall/Facebook

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