Wednesday Zen Moment: Unusually chill lynx captured in Edmonton

By most measures, this was a pretty odd sight. Even for Edmonton.

A lynx, spotted in Alberta’s capital city earlier this summer, but it wasn’t on the move.

“Lynx are not typically a threat to people, but they are usually quite shy and will retreat when people are around,” Alberta Fish and Wildlife said. “However, this one was not moving.”

Wildlife and peace officers managed to capture the big cat and place it in a patrol vehicle.

“Normally, this would never be possible, but the lynx was unusually docile, perhaps due to dehydration,” the province said.

A rehabilitation facility took at look at the cat, which had become “much more alert and feisty.” (Or perhaps realized what was happening just wasn’t normal for a wild animal.) Turned out, it was just fine.

And so, the lynx was released  far from the city, but near food and water.

It promptly wandered down to the water.

Lynx captured in Edmonton is about to lap up water in the country. Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement/Facebook

“This story had a happy ending,” wildlife officials said.”But it is important to remember that even when animals seem docile, they should be given plenty of space.”

Good advice, indeed.

Photos Fish and Wildlife Enforcement/Facebook


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