Wednesday Zen Moment: World’s most chill hamster has an amazing little bed

Lil hamster now has a lil bed.

Thanks to a gal who loves him. And, the internet is loving every, lazy minute of it.

So, thank you, Amberly Dzimira. What an amazing time to be alive.

Her tweet went viral.

Because. Of course.

The hamster is named Chip.

He’s a Teddy Bear hamster.

And he’s seriously the cutest.

To recap.


Chip having a snack. Amberly Dzimira/Twitter


Chip enjoys some light reading. Amberly Dzimira/Twitter

Watch TV.

Chip catches up on the news. Amberly Dzimira/Twitter

See, celebrity hamsters really are like the rest of us.

Photos Amberly Dzimira/Twitter

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