Wednesday Zen Moment: Zen Penguins because every day is Penguin Awareness Day

Yes, it really is Penguins Awareness Day.

To commemorate and to be zen about it, we encourage you to learn zen from penguins.

There’s even a book about it called Zen Penguins which asks the question:

What is the sound of one flipper flapping?

 It’s a long way from the Zen temples of the Himalaya to the barren icescapes of Antarctica, but the book’s author and photographer believe the chubby flightless birds of the far south are true masters of the Zen way.

Here are some life lessons from penguins, according to Jonathan Chester, a veteran polar photographer and expeditioner and author Patrick Regan who has written lots of books—some with penguins, some without:

The obstacle is the path.

Live the life in front of you.

Be Still. Stay Chill.

With their preternatural composure, it’s easy to imagine penguins as little Zen masters, according to the book.

They are patient, tolerant, aware of their surroundings, and live in the moment…all tenets of the Zen philosophy. A penguin’s life is not an easy life, and yet the Zen masters of the Antarctic waddle on.

Be Zen. Be Penguin.

 Photo credit: Jonathan Chester 

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