Well-groomed poodle found locked in hard suitcase in the woods

Police and animal shelter officials are looking for the owner of a cute poodle who was found in a double locked suitcase that had been abandoned in the woods.

Richmond RCMP contacted the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) on Sunday to notify them that a dog was discovered locked in a suitcase that had been discarded in a wooded ditch area.The suitcase was double locked. The RCMP had been contacted after someone had discovered the hard shell suitcase.

The Good Samaritan pried open the suitcase (hard shell) and found a dog inside, “Donut” had been in its urine and feces, but otherwise seemed in good health.

The person then brought Donut home and provided food and water.
The dog was found near Alderbridge and No 4 Road, where a new development is going in near Walmart (and across from the armoury) in the Nature Park area.

The RCMP collected Donut and the suitcase from the finder’s home, then delivered Donut to the RAPS Richmond Animal Shelter around 7PM.

Staff members examined Donut. He was discovered to be an unaltered male Apricot Poodle, recently groomed, in good condition, friendly, about six years old. It’s believed the dog had been in the suitcase, on the hottest day of the year so far, from 3-6 hours.

The suitcase is being held by RCMP as evidence in the hopes that it can help apprehend whoever is responsible.
RAPS has notified the animal cruelty division of the BC SPCA.

There is no reason why this type of cruelty need happen. Anyone can surrender their animal for any reason at the Richmond Animal Shelter. RAPS will gladly take the animal, provide it care and rehome the animal.

He was very, very lucky that he was found,” he said.  “This is absolute cruelty … to do this to a beautiful little poodle, who is the friendliest dog in the world.”

The dog had no identification tags or tattoos. It will stay at the RAPS shelter while authorities attempt to track down his owner.

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