Whales put on show for tourists in Alaska but it could have been a disaster

When the animal world, in all its splendour and uncaged is unleashed close to humans, it is a spectacular sight to see. It’s also a lesson in the immediate realization afterwards that maybe that was a little too close.

The TAZ Whale Watching tour from Gustavus Alaska was out for a whale watching tour. They’ve done well over 2,000 of them and only twice have they failed to see a tour.

On a recent whale watching tour near Pleasant Island, the visitors got really close.

Watch the video from Tristan Krause and you can see how close the whale got to the boat. It looks like the boat was just a few feet away when the whale breached.

The visitors got a soaking but it could have been much much worse. The nervous laughter you hear was drowned by exclamations of excitement.

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