What did the fox say when the deer was licking it? Wo! I feel good

Marine biologist Chris Lowe was stumped when he saw it.

Sure, he’s a shark guy with the California State University Long Beach Shark Lab and land critters aren’t really his speciality, still seeing a deer lick fox stopped him in his tracks.

And, Lowe managed to snap a photo of it on Catalina, an island where he’s usually observing sharks.

“Never seen that before!” he tweeted.

Which of course got people talking about interspecies love.

Including Mike Cove a conservation biologist who spends a lot of time in Florida.

He offered a photo of a deer sniffing a cat pointing out, “We get this all the time in the Keys.”

And a theory about why.

It could be the salt.

The Atlantic offered a few more theories. It feels good. Plain old curiosity. General weirdness. (People are weird. Why not animals?)

But isn’t it more fun to imagine it’s love?

Photo Chris Lowe/Twitter


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