What do you do when you find a scorpion in your kitchen? Take it for a drive

Gail Hammond, a devoted fan of the German heavy rock band Scorpions, noticed something near her feet when she was washing dishes in her kitchen.

She thought it looked like a scorpion, but because her house is filled with band memorabilia, she assumed it was a fridge magnet of her favourite group.

Then the fridge magnet moved and Hammond realized:

OK, it’s alive,” she said to herself.

She trapped the scorpion in a bottle with the help of her daughter and when she called the exterminator, they told her to spray the critter with poison or they could come and dispose of it for  $100.

Instead, she kept the scorpion in the container for a few days while she figured out what to do.

The SPCA suggested a veterinarian get involved. So on Monday, she drove the scorpion out to a vet in Maple Ridge with expertise in exotic pets.

At Dewdney Animal Hospital, Dr. Adrian Walton determined that the scorpion, which measured about five to seven centimetres long, was a female. It’s also pregnant — within three or four months its babies should appear, looking like tiny white bugs on its back.

Walton believes it’s a striped scorpion normally found in California and Arizona, but is working on figuring out exactly what species it is.

Hammond, after giving up her tiny scorpion, is hoping that publicizing the experience will get the Scorpions to come to B.C. and perform.


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