When goats stall New York’s subway system, Jon Stewart jumps to the rescue

New Yorkers are blessed with the best commuting stories.

Like this past manic Monday when two goats clamoured on the tracks of the New York City subway system briefly causing delays.

“A new one for us (we think),” the transit system tweeted Monday. “Two goats are roaming along the N line tracks in Brooklyn. They’re safe and not currently affecting service, but they are on the run. We’ll keep you posted.”

And posted they did. In the most memorable fashion.

“Two very baaaaad boys,” officials added by way of update.

Crews got to working rounding up the goats on the lam.

“The goats have been removed from the tracks by NYPD, and service is resuming,” the public transit system tweeted. “We thank ewe for your patience.”

Because what’s a commuter critter chaos story without some puns.

But the story gets even more amazing in the most New York kind of way.

Farm Sanctuary came to the rescue of the wayward animals.

Including supporter Jon Stewart. Yes, that Jon Stewart, formerly of The Daily Show.

Now, currently, goat herder.

“They’re safe now,” the sanctuary wrote. “These goats were found terrified on the subway tracks in Brooklyn yesterday. Today, they’re on their way to freedom at our flagship sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.”

The animal rescue organization also thanked the Animal Care Centers of New York and “friends Tracey and Jon Stewart” for their help ushering the goats to shelter.

Something the New York City Subway system applauded.

Main Photo NYCT Subway/Twitter

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