Whiskey a Go-Go (Well, until the wayward pooch came home)

The Martin family was stymied when their beloved dog, Whiskey, vanished from their yard in Warminster, Ont. last month. What is even more bizarre: the German Shepherd-Collie mix was chained in the yard and turned up later the same day about 200 kilometres away near Guelph, Ont. But it was only last week, a month after the animal disappeared that Whiskey found his way home, according to local media.

“Without him it was really depressing,” Dylan Martin told CTV after being reunited with the family pet. “The whole time he was gone I was upset. Whiskey’s my best friend.”

The dog, which didn’t have tags, was found wandering along a highway and turned in to a local animal shelter. The dog was adopted, but then returned. That’s when an employee of the Guelph Humane Society saw a picture of Whiskey that Jenny Martin posted on social media.

The Martin family – and police – are stumped about how Whiskey wound up in Guelph. Constable Graeme Knox of Barrie OPP told the Orillia Packet & Times that Whiskey’s case is still open and police are asking for tips: “Obviously it seems very suspicious that he ended up that far away.”

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